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A Brief History

As Foramaflow celebrates its 50th year, it is an opportune moment to include within this, our latest catalogue, a brief insight into our history and share some of the milestone developments and advancements we have contributed to the process, food, beverage and medical fields over the last half century.

Our History dates back to our first development of a standardised hydrophobic HEPA Filter. The standardisation allowed this highly efficient filter element such versatility it could be fitted to almost any application requiring microbiological protection from airborne infections. This innovative filter with its unique ability to deliver absolute filtration at high flow rates against a very low pressure drop across the filter was ideally suited to protecting storage vessels and was soon being fitted across the country to the leading Brewers and Food manufacturers process vessels.

Over the next ten years, the Company’s expertise rapidly expanded developing other critical Air Filtration applications including the first Hydrophobic Anaesthetic filter used on Anethesia ventilator machines during patient in Hospital surgery.

The Foramaflow filter solved all of the problems associated with other available filters of the time which became blocked by the exhaled moisture in the patients breath.

Foramaflow solved the occlusion problems encountered by the other

filters of the day by the development of the first autoclaveable Anaesthetic filter in the World. We developed a specialised process that we still use today which encourages moisture away from the filter. Independently evaluated by The Public Health Authority, the outstanding results of this Foramaflow filter were published in The British Medical Journal 1973. The tested filter was saturated with tap water aerosol continuously for 4 hours, then challenged with 3500 litres of heavily contaminated air with no loss of airflow or efficiency. The filter was then vacuum autoclaved at 134 Deg C no less than 110 times and still there was no loss of airflow or efficiency.( Microbiological efficiency remained at an ULPA quality of 99.999% ).

Further product development produced the positive pressure filter systems for the earliest laboratory isolators, The Foramaflow range of microbiological safety cabinets, the first sterile air baby incubator at Great Ormond Street Hospital and the DEFRA Approved Foramaflow STC/3 Milk Tanker vent for road going milk tankers. This tanker vent system, independently tested by the Food Science Laboratory, out performed all comparable filters selected for comparison testing by the laboratory for use against the spread of Foot and Mouth Disease on road going tankers.

The Scientific paper and test results being published in The Journal of the Society of Dairy Technology.

The Next 50 Years

Today, positive pressure sterile air systems are continuously being developed by us for elevated temperature food process vessels where increased water activity and high flow rates inside and through the vessel make special demands on the filter systems.

Ambient temperature Water and Milk processing systems with positive open venting together with very high flow rate venting in the Oil and Gas industry all form part of todays wide range of Foramaflow Microbiological air filtration systems.

A half century of succesfully meeting these Air Filtration challenges has resulted today in Foramaflow products operating from the extremes of cold of a Russian winter to the heat and dust of Qatar, the humidity of Borneo to the remote areas of the Galapagos Islands with Foramaflow products operating across 52 Countries. The next half century will see the Company deliver its latest innovations and expand and develop products of excellence and even greater innovation across the entire process industry under the Foramaflow Vessleltech brand name.

“Everyday around the world people eat & drink products protected by us”

Other markets: In addition to our expertise in Specialist Air Filtration Foramaflow has concurrently expanded its interests and expertise:

Decontamination: Since the 60′s and following the development of the Foramaflow CLASS I and CLASS III Microbiological Safety Cabinets, we continue to design and manufacture decontamination systems for Laboratories, safe change filter housings, microbiological safety
cabinets and clean room fumigation through our System Formonia range of equipment, with Foramaflow today designing and manufacturing the largest range of Formalin Vaporisers in the World.

Agriculture: today also sees Foramaflow expanding into agricultural land management and crop production giving us a unique understanding of the needs of our food beverage and milk production customers.