Air Filtration

Elevated Temperature Products

HST/4 Flow Rates upto 440m3/hr

Liquid Sugar and Sugar based Ingrediants
at elevated temperatures


The HST/4 unit, allows for a closed vent system byincorporating the Foramaflow STC/3 vent filter unit on the opposing side of the vessel allowing a continuous ullage space flow. Protection of Elevated Temperature product during storage and process


‘The extensive Foramaflow range of forced air filtration equipment leads the way in microbiological and
condensation protection for sugar based product storage vessels’


The HST/4 range is thermostatically controlled with temperatures upto 66Deg C available. The Foramaflow HST/4 is also available as a non heated ambient temperature unit.

“Certified TSE Free for Food and Pharmaceutical use”

All Foramaflow Filters are certified in accordance
with BS EN 1822 and tested against BS 3928