Air Filtration

Open vented tanks

HST/4 – 1000 Flow Rates upto 2000m3/hr


Milk, Natural Spring Water and
ambiant product storage for
open vented process vessels

‘Microbiological protection at high flow rates for ambient open & closed vented vessels’ The HST/4 – 1000 Delivers a constant flow of
positive pressure sterile air through the ullage space of the vessel maintaining a positive flow across any open vent ensuring a sterile head space.

All HST/4 Models are available with optional Air Flow Sensors fitted on the clean side of the positive sterile air outlet



The airflow sensor delivers data back to the process control panel monitoring air flow within set perameters indicating function and filter change requirements without having to visit the vessel top.

“Certified TSE Free for Food and Pharmaceutical use”


All Foramaflow Filters are certified in accordance
with BS EN 1822 and tested against BS 3928