Air Filtration

Vessel Protection

Pressure Relief & Offsets


    ‘Pressure/Vacuum Relief
Valves are an important safety
precaution that should be fitted
to all tanks’

The Foramaflow STC/3 & STC/4 in-line units are both available with offsets to incorporate Pressure/Vacuum relief valves. Flow rates of upto 4000m3/hr are available with this Foramaflow Unit. A wide range of terminations are available at the customers request.


High Quality TAG plating
is available on all of our metal products

The Foramaflow STC/3 & STC/4 range of Vent Filters are available with an offset to allow incorporation of a Pressure/Vacuum relief valve. A flow rate of upto 4000m3/hr is available on this Foramaflow unit and a wide range of terminations are available.


The Foramaflow offset configuration is dsigned to reduce the effects of the CIP spray & product
ingestion. The Foramaflow offset option is available on the Foramaflow STC/3 & STC/4 and all HST/4 vent filters. A range of fittings & terminations are available.

prImg4Vacuum and Pressure
sensor options available
on all Foramaflow vent systems

All Foramaflow Filters are certified in accordance
with BS EN 1822 and tested against BS 3928