Air Filtration

Road going Tankers

Product protection during transit

DEFRA Approved microbiological air filtration for Milk Transports Absolute quality Sterile air filtration with exceptionally low pressure drop against tanker pump capacity.

Independant Testing: The testing of this Foramaflow filter system was
conducted to BS 3928 and was carried out independently by the Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment at Porton Down: After practical use on the test Milk Tanker following a typical multiplel Milk collection and discharge cycle, the STC/3 Filter element was challenged at a flow rate of 400l/min using an atomised cloud of Sodium Chloride particles having a size range of 0.02 upto to 2.00 microns: The efficiency achieved across the filter was 99.9995% with a pressure drop of less than 0.07 Kpa ( ) The
pressure drop was infact less than the pressure sensor could detect.


The Foramaflow filter outperformed the other manufacturers filters selected for comparison testing as not only did the filter performance far exceed the statutory requirements but was the only filter that allowed the filling and emptying cycles to
passwithout pressure or vacuum build up in the tanker shell.

‘Extensively used on road
going milk tankers throughout
foot and mouth infected areas’

With increasing concerns over food safety, bulk product protection during transportation is being more closely focused upon, particularly when product is discharged at the processing plant, allowing replacement air to be drawn into the tanker and where product is collected from multiple origins such as is the case with milk collected from dairy farms.


“Certified TSE Free for Food and Pharmaceutical use”

All Foramaflow Filters are certified in accordance
with BS EN 1822 and tested against BS 3928