We have designed our Agricultural services to be delivered in the tradition of the seasons. We farm to meet the tradition of seasonal demands and the natural benefits this gives the land owner. We deliver traditional seasonal low impact farming techniques for Harrowing Seeding & Topping and much more.

Our services are broken down into individual options for the land owner. This can range from simple field topping or hedge cutting right through to a tailored annual land management plan which will deliver a complete range of services throughout the year appropriate to the owners land use at the right time for a fixed annual cost.

Our services can be tailored to a single hedge cut once a year for a residential customer, Paddock &
care and maintenance for equestrian customers right through to the land owner who wishes to incorporate a productive return from a Meadow crop most typically in our area Hay


Hedge cutting programmes start in August and finish in late February to comply with DEFRA guidelines to protect nesting birds


Seeding and over seeding is carried out in early September using a range of certified seeds carefully selected for the land use.

Our Harvest programme is mainly Hay production and can include two crops per season on un-grazed leys


We have invested heavily in modern power arms for our tractors for precision Hedge cutting and the latest Ditch & Grip equipment


Gone are the days of using expensive diggers and lorries to clean your ditches.