harrowing & Topping

Chain Harrowing is the traditional way to aerate the soil and promote new grass growth. Topping is an essential part of productive grassland management

Harrowing & Rolling

The first Harrow of the season is carried out in the Spring. It removes winter debris and thatch lifting the sward, aerating the soil enhancing aerobic conditions promoting new grass growth.

We use mounted chain harrows & linkage mounted spring harrows rather than drag harrows, this allows thatch to be lifted at headlands and enables the field corners and areas around trees to be fully harrowed. Regular Harrowing throughout the year on grazed pasture alleviates compaction, levels off Poached areas and promotes the production of the Nitrogen necessary to maintain productive grazing leys.


Rather than reducing the grass available for grazing, regular Topping encourages new growth and density extending the grazing season reducing winter feed costs.

We Top grazed pasture every six to eight weeks throughout the growing season. We cut at a nominal 50mm which is the optimum height for the promotion of rich new sward growth.



Our Toppers are single wheel rotary, the machine weight is carried by the tractor linkage rather than resting on the pasture

Weed control

Regular Topping will suppress weed growth and prevent plants such as Thistle Doc and Nettle going to seed. Repeated Topping will progressively eradicate weed growth from pasture as grass density increases without the use of expensive & damaging chemicals.



Topping pasture mid season with a
light weight tractor