Traditional farming techniques using modern state of the art farm machinery for the smaller land owner

Agriculture has seen big changes over recent years. Large estates and farms have become less viable and farming has declined. Larger estates have gradually sold off land usually into smaller parcels leaving a local landscape today that has much smaller fields and paddocks in different ownership but still with great
Agricultural potential.


Much of that land is now grazed some is fallow and some acreages still enjoy a crop Production, mostly this is Hay in support of the growing equestrian community.


Management of smaller parcels of land can be expensive and problematic for the land owner, it is usually too large for gardening contractors but too small to accommodate the larger farm tractor and its implements that today are designed for commercial fields no longer prominent in our area.


Large machines find it difficult to efficiently operate within reduced headlands and along shorter windrows. Heavy Tractor weights increase soil compaction reducing aeration and productivity of leys. The production of large round and oversize square bales that have to be moved by machine are favoured today by farming
contractors but rarely is this practical or viable for the smaller land owner.


Our service delivers the full traditional agricultural service

scaled towards the smaller land owner.