Certified seed

Grass is now scientific. Seeds have evolved into use specific strains and the short and long term land use should be considered carefully before planting.

Today it is rarely necessary to plough and re-seed. Over seeding is often the best solution for poached, patchy or over grazed leys.

Over seeding has a distinct advantage over ploughing, it is economic requiring low tractor hours and is quick to implement. It comes with less risk to the land owner financially as the existing grass is retained and improved without the loss of the existing forage.


Equine Grazing & Meadow Hay

We plant a variety of certified seed designed for over seeding, Horse & Pony grazing and Hay production. Hybrid rye grass mixtures provide a fast growing reliable crop which is quick to establish over existing leys and will deliver pasture suitable for cutting and general grazing.

We also plant more selective mixes with lower percentage ryegrass. Research has shown pasture containing very high percentage ryegrass which is high in sugars can cause dietary issues in equines so Horse owners are increasingly looking at lower sugar seed mixes.

Certified Permanent Horse Pasture mixes will deliver balanced grazing, are suitable for occasional Hay and will produce a dense turf once established for upto 5 years with proper grassland management.