Foramaflow Formalin Vaporizers & Neutralizers

Submitted by admin on Thu, 07/24/14 - 3:23 PM

Still the number one choice for fumigation

Major exports  of the Formonia vaporizer and neutraliser ranges to Asia in the second quarter of 2014 have been followed by continued growth as we enter the third quarter with exports to Europe and South America of room decontamination systems from within the proven Foramaflow range.

Formalin still leads the way as a safe reliable and effective decontamination process with a broad spectrum of efficacy.

Foramaflow formalin vaporisers are  economic and remain the preferred choice over more complicated and substantially more expensive Hydrogen Peroxide systems.




The latest Foramaflow System Formonia Formalin Vaporizers and Neutralizer system with increased solution volume options, extended warranty.

The Foramaflow VAP3/T is the ideal solution for microbiological safety cabinet decontamination.